Easter Sunday 2017


There’s a classic Christian song that contains the lyric, “There is no limit to what God can do; what He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.” While we might sing that song or think that we believe what it says, we often find ourselves facing situations that we think are beyond hope, and even though we pray, we really don’t believe that God will or even can do anything about it. Jesus’ followers had a tendency to think in limited terms too, so He deliberately let His friend, Lazarus, die, so Jesus could raise him from the dead and blow the lid off the limits of His followers’ belief (both then and now). More than just making the bad in our lives work out for good, or healing us from disease, or helping us find a parking spot in a busy lot, Jesus took on death itself and won for all of us. That’s the Easter story, and Pastor Doug encourages to have resurrection faith in all areas of life.

Duration: 31:36

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