The Cosmic Wager | Part 2


In the continuation/conclusion of this message, Pastor Doug points to some additional lessons to be learned through the story of Job. Job – and us – all have a cross to bear in life, which is whatever God wants to accomplish through us. We don’t have a choice in what it is, other than to accept and carry that responsibility, or refuse to. Our goal should be to pray, as Jesus did, that God’s will be done, rather than our own. We also need to develop the correct attitude toward whatever God wants us to experience and achieve – positivity/joy versus negativity (see Philippians 2:14-16). And, we need to also look within to see what we are to learn through our experiences – God does not waste any pain that we undergo. He has something we are to learn or understand through it all, not the least of which is how much He loves us and how much we need Him every day.

Duration: 32:55

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