The Grace of Giving


Have you ever gotten caught off guard by someone giving you something that you knew cost them a lot, and/or which meant a lot to you, regardless of its actual value? Following that, you may have felt like you should give them something in return, maybe something even more valuable than what you had received. At a minimum – even if you had nothing to give back – you certainly felt the desire to say “thank you!” God set the pattern of giving, by giving His First and His best – His Son – for you and me. In response, it unlocks in us the desire to give Him something back. While He doesn’t really need anything we have, some of His other children do, and that’s where we have the opportunity to show our gratitude and demonstrate His spirit living through us. Don’t go through life and miss the opportunity to experience the joy of having a giving and generous nature.

Duration: 32:28

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