Say Yes

When you say yes to serving here at Rockford Res, you say yes to a lot of things… laughter, adventure, messy, questions, friendships and so much more. You’re saying yes to changing lives around you.

There are so many people that have already said yes and are loving the joy of serving others. We believe that saved people serve people. They say yes to bringing more people into the Kingdom of God. We encourage you to step into that journey… It’s going to look messy and fun, it’s sacrificial and yet it gives you more fulfillment and joy.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out some of our highest needs as we look to our Fall season which brings in many new families. These are the roles that are most needed in order to accommodate every family member and ensure their experience points them to Jesus.

Wednesday Night Opportunities

6th grade – 8th grade
9th grade – 12th grade

Other Opportunities

FX – Family Experience

Practices on Thursdays with FX shows on one Saturday each month throughout the school year.

Big Idea

One week a month during the school day.


Spending time with a school student during the school day. It might be as easy as playing catch or listening to a student read a story.